To all our tenants and customers:

Please follow the following rules while at the mall:

1-Social Distance at all times

2-Wear a mast when Social Distancing cannot be observed and/or where you will be inside for more than 15 minutes in any store

3-Wash you hands with soap and water often and especially after touching anything from outside your home.

4-When washing is not available, please keep hand sanitizer with you.

Remember that this virus is very contagious and as far as health reports go, it is transferred by touching our  hands to our mouth, nose and/or eyes. It can also be transferred from third parties through the air via sneezing or even speaking and so Social Distancing of at least 2 meters or MORE is required.

Until Health Canada advises otherwise, these measures should be enforced at all times when outside the home. Please be considerate of all parties when visiting the BROCKVILLE SHOPPING CENTRE